Hardwiring GPS to XR650R ED/DK Models

I am one of the spoiled ones who can buy an "uncorked" pig straight off the showroom floor! However it has additional wiring and headaches! What I am hoping is that someone on the forum has has some experience with hardwiring a GPS into these electrical harnesses (speaking of ED or DK models).

The essential difference is that the ED&DK models come complete with headlights, indicators and breaklights. I have noticed that there is a capacitor wired into the AC regulator but I do not see a bridge rectifier which should convert AC-DC or do I have my head up my arse?

If there is DC power available from the these models where do I tap into it and is it smooth enough to drive a Garmin 60cs GPS. I have bought a Touratech mount which allows for hardwiring. Batteries are okay for walking but on the bike the first good shock "bottoming" and the GPS dies! I hope someone can help. Thanks! :thumbsup:

Well....!!!! Looks like I've got you all stumped on this one...... :thumbsup:

no idea what an ED or DK model is, but I can tell you the GARMIN operates on a voltage other than 12V ... so, you need to purchase their 'cigarette-lighter plug' option that has a built-in voltage correction ... you can buy it directly from GARMIN, pricey, about $35, if I remember right .. :thumbsup:

I have done this. On the DK/ED the headlights and turnsignals use 12V regulated ac power and will burn out the DC voltage regulator in the GPS after a short period (don't do it). The Brake light and horn use regulated DC power but the capacitor is too small to run the GPS and the horn/brakelight at the same time, so that if you tap into that when the brakelight comes on the GPS will shutoff. What you need to do (if you just want to run a GPS) is buy a 12 NICAD pack from BAJA Designs or similar and wire in place of the capacitor. I would also replace the DC regulator/rectifier with the higher quality and capacity BD unit (around $35). I did all this with a stator rewind fron Ricky Stator so I could power other accesories.


Exactly, that is where I got all the info on the "dirty" 12v power that requires the mods. I forgot where that website was.

Guys , thanks for all the input, I think I might look at the little "black box" available from Touratech which will clean up the power and make sure its DC. Crazy price though @ $60 odd for a DC-AC converter!!!

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