Fuel Filter for 650L

Is there a fuel filter or a type of fuel filter recomended for the 650L?:thumbsup:

Just go to your nearest bike shop and get one of those in line filters that are clear and kind of a triangular shape. the parts guy will know what you need. It may be a good time to replace the fuel line with some of that clear or yellow I can't think of the name of it stuff,the parts guy will also know what you want. If you don't have a shop neer buy just go to rocky mountain and search they have everything. Hope that helps.

Your bike has a very adequate gas filter built into the petcock. I generally never get into this for cleaning unless I am switching tanks and need the petcock/filter on big tank. So this is one belt plus suspenders item that I do not prescribe to.

I ALWAYS run an inline gas filter ... be sure to look for the little arrow designating the direction of flow .. :thumbsup:

sorry to double-post ... the reason I dont rely on only the petcock filterscreen .. it doesnt trap water, and you have to get the wrench out to open it up, and check for contaminents ...the clear plastic filters trap water, are visible for instant verification you are getting fuel, and can see if its dirty ... also can be changed out in seconds :thumbsup:

Is there a fuel filter or a type of fuel filter recomended for the 650L?:thumbsup:

Not specifically. And be aware most M/C inline fuel filters are for 1/4" O.D. fuel lines and the XRL's is 5/16" O.D. I went to Napa and picked up a Napa Gold P/N 3006 inline fuel filter with 5/16" nipples for about $4 bucks. I put this on when I installed the Clarke 4.0 on my '98. It even has a 90 degree offset which is fine for making the turn from the petcock to the carb. It's just a little bit of a tight fit and I had to cut down one of the nipples but it's working fine.

My DS $0.02.

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