06 YZ450F coolant leak

Brand new with two hours break in time. I just completed servicing the bike and fired it off to warm up when I noticed a small amount of antifreeze leaking from a small hole under the water pump cover. Dealer said it could be a bleed off but would call the tech line. Any ideas on this, as it still has two weeks warrenty?

I would take it back to the dealer and tell him to check in to it. You payed him good money for the bike, he should take care of it. Good Luck

bleed off from what? Never heard that one....with regard to the cooling system.

Just got off the phone with factory tech people about the coolant leak. They said the seal is a high friction type that will seal when it gets warm. Apparently this is a new design that is rather loose when new but seals completely once the engine is run a few hours. I rode the bike yesterday for two hours with no signs of any more seepage. I'll keep the post updated if any more leakage occurs.

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