rekluse/rear brake/master cylinder

i´m about to buy a Rekluse for my yz426 and i´ve read about moving the rear brake lever to the handle bar ...

sounds good, but i´ve never tried a bike with this set up ...

is it worth the hassle?

and what master cylinder to use? something from a bike with hydraulic clutch?

thanks in advance!

ktm-partnr. "59002030200" would be a nice part in that case?

Use Rekluse's set up and YEs it is worth it!

they have some stuff ready for that?

Check out their website, they are a TT sponsor. We have all been able to witness Rekluse's (Al Youngwerth & Gang) creations and customer service. They seem to run an impeccable business and customer service is the best you will ever find!

And yes they do have a left hand rear brake set up. I run it on my bike (00/426) and it works great. I still have not stopped feathering the lever during shifts though. I feather it so lightly it just settles the suspension but I reprimand myself anyway. It also allows powerbraking of sorts.Their clutch and brake parts are wonderful products. Can you tell I am a believer in their stuff?

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