I'm on board!

Thanks for all the help over the last few weeks. Picked up my very own '01 WR426 today! Just had a chance to ride it around the 'hood for a few minutes, then into the garage for a good greasing. What is up with that stupid stock baffle? I mean the puny little screw that holds it in was practically falling out...kinda like the factory was hoping it would fall out just after it hit customs. When I first saw it I thought it was a plug for cleaning the bike. :) Anyway, on to the airbox, greywire & throttle stop tomorrow.....then...I RIDE! I can tell just from tooling around in front of the house that this is going to be REAL fun!!

Congratulations on your new WR426!

These bikes rock and so does this site. Glad to hear you are having fun on it only after a ride around the yard.

Have fun and ride safe, believe me, buy the safety gear you need to protect yourself and then ride like hell.

How many times have you walked out into the garage and turned on the light to look at your baby just one more time before laying down for the evening?

Hey, the muffler plug seconds as a duck or goose call (QUACK QUACK)!

Enjoy yourself



Yeehaw! Scott's new ride has arrived!! Now there is one more blue to take on all of that orange lurking around Kansas City. I can hear all of the crying now, "all of you guys w/your 4strokes..I can't hear my bike when riding w/you guys" LOL

Congrats Scott, come on over to Pat's house Saturday, we will be doing BK mod surgery to both of the 426's..maybe even a WR if you show!!

Took it out last night and got it broke in. It runs good, even with the throttle stop & gray wire attached. But, I could definitely feel the throttle stop & the lack of pull in the middle (gray wire I'm assuming). I cut the throttle stop this morning and will do the gray wire too. Wanted to do it incrementally so I could see the difference just for fun.

The suspension is just awesome though! Very excited about that. The forks, I'm sure, will be a little stiff for the first few rides, at least on the slow stuff. But the shock is all good! Man, what traction. Where my Husaberg would just roast & roost, the WR really hooks up, even over the ratty, rutted area I was in. A lot of nice extras come with the bike that I really hadn't looked for or expected... like a quick adjust on the clutch, foam filter, reusable oil filter (to an extent) and the tires really aren't THAT bad for my conditions. I do have to admit that the tank/seat is already bugging me! And the bars go without saying. I've never seen a carb with so many hoses!! I love the gearing and am very glad I got the WR, it has more than enough power to lug it around in whatever gear you're in. Plus....the kickstand...yzf buddies will be jealous of that one while they're hooking up to a tie-down when we get back from a ride. :)

You should have brought down to Chadwick this weekend, we could have given it a good breakin :)........TW


99 WR400




Had to work this weekend, but my thoughts were with you guys! Just got back from there two weeks ago...on the Husaberg. Can't wait to hit it again with some MUCH plusher suspension!!

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