OEM Stock pipe?

Anyone know where I might be able to pick up a decent priced OEM stock pipe for my 93 XR600 please? Appreciate any info..thank you

Also what year stock pipes will fit my bike please? is it 88-99? or?

So know one here knows the answer to this? .. I feel like ferris bueller every time I ask a question in here ..sheeesh


650 L should fit with some tinkering.

But the L exhaust will be more restrictive (and quieter) than the XR600R stock exhaust.

Might be close in flow, though, with the final restrictor removed.


Appreciate the feedback ....thank you.....now I am hoping someone might know where I could pick one of these pipes up at for a decent price? I tried ebay and wrecking yards....so I guess its a new one if I know where to look....help! :thumbsup:

Yep, these are hard to find used. I haven't seen one on eBay in a long time. You're probably going to have to pay about $400 for a new one.

yup...thats what I am thinking also...unless I can find one in a wrecking yard somewhere..in decent shape

There is a guy named XRLmotard in the classified ads on thumpertalk who has a exhaust system for your bike for $200.00 It is a White Bros. Stainless header and a Yosimura Can.

Just sent him a PM ...really appreciate the heads up on this...Thank You!!

The 88 and 89 XR headers were two seperate pipes that entered the muffler seperately so that won't work....I have a stock header pipe in great shape off of an 86 XL600R that should work...I has a heat shield on it....It needs to be recoated. ....Let me know if you are interested....

Thanks for the reply Crackin, you wouldn't happen to have a pic or two handy? that might help me tell if it would fit or not...but I am defintely interested..thanks

I'll need an e-mail address to send the pics.....

sent ya a pm with my addy...and thanks again

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