Holy shit I need help again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok......so I put new timing chain in bike and had dealer look at bottom end when putting timing chain on and they said it was good to go. Original problem was loud noise and kickstarter not going down more then half way without the use of decompression lever. So I put bike back together and put the right amount of oil (1.8 Us Quart) back in bike and the problems started again. First of all the oil level was all the way up to where the dipstick screws in. Yes I drained all the old oil out because I had both drain plugs out and I had case covers off. Then I decided to try and start it and the damn kickstarter only goes down half way and will not start. Will not go all the way down without the help of decompression lever. &%$#@!? Motor was put back together step by step and timing is dead on. New timing chain, piston, rings, wrist pin, gaskets. I am getting fed up with this bike. Please help. I think it might be the head now or the bottom end. Has anyone had this problem? :thumbsup:

Well I believe you about the timing, but experience says it could be off.

When you use the decomp you are releasing the pressure in the cylinder. Are you strong enough to kick the bike over? Are you doing the proper starting technique on the bike?

Other thoughts beyond the timing, the piston could be in backwards. You could have issues on the bottom end like the clutch or woodroof key on the 00 model. Also inspect the timing chain adjuster, make sure it is working properly. Also check that you got the keys that line up the cam in the head installed properly.

What spark plug are you using?

spark plug is cr9es NGK. Checked timing 3 times before putting back together and it was dead on. Been starting this bike for 2 years so I got the technique down. I am strong enought to kick this thing but half way down and it just stops and jars my leg. If I continue to put pressure on the kickstarter it will finally give and go the rest of the way down!

ok put a little more ass behind it and it goes all the way down 9 times out of 10. Bike will not start. Checked spark and timing and is all good.....went from cr8es to cr9es. colder plug could be the prob. removed air filter and tried as well. Tried many different combos with hot start and choke and no worky!

I don't want to beat a dead horse but are you sure that the piston is at TDC when the cams are timed correctly? Pull the plug on the ignition cover, set it at TDC according to the marks, and then check the cam timing. I just sounds like the crank and the cams are out of time.

Don't just trust the marks on the cam gears, actually look at the lobes of the cams and see what position they are in. These gears have been known to spin on the camshafts, thus making the timing marks completely useless and requiring a change of cams.

it is a 2000 426. Remove the flywheel and check for a sheared woodruff key.

Counterbalancer key. The new plug has nothing to do with starting difficulty however go back to the stock heat range. I still suspect timing to be 1 tooth off. You dont need any head work on the bike (if you are thinking of another brand maybe your head needs work LOL) Good Luck. Also the kickstart mechanism can hang up if not installed correctly when reinstalling the cover. Seems like it was the return spring causes that too.

Don't only check the timing marks on the cams, have a look at the cam lobes to be sure they are in the correct position. A few people have had issues with the cam gear spinning on the cam. In this case the timing LOOKS correct by the timing marks, but you can tell it's off by looking at the lobes. If this is the case then you likely have a valve contacting the piston. What ever you do DO NOT kick it until you know what the problem is or you could be increasing your bill with every kick.

The cams should look like this at TDC with the dots on the sprockets lining up. If the dots line up but your cams dont look like this then your cam(s) have slid in the sprocket. IIRC some people who had this happen had the sprocket repositioned correctly and welded in place. Make sure your bike is at TDC on the flywheel and give this a check.


Well it started and ran like shit and then all of a sudden sounded like nuts and bolts in a dryer...back to square one. I have rebuilt this thing with out any problems many times and now this....

Ps Timing was good!

There is a difference between the timing being in time and the cams being in time to themselves. IF the cams are not timed to the crank, nothing else is timed.

Hopefully you find your issue. Could be the woodruff keys on the crank. known issue with the 00 model year.

The crank is timed to the cams. TDC was lined up perfect when the cams were installed and then I ran the crank through 10 times counterclockwise like the manual says and the timing was perfect. Whatever happened I am not messing with. Its time a pro looked at it. After it gets fixed its going out the door :thumbsup:

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