I'm getting a 06 450 in a few weeks and i was wondering what I could do to fix the front end push.

I don't have a 06 450f (I have a 2004 model).....

But, I believe they are still coming with that lousy 739g front tire. If that's still on there, than get rid of it, and use a Dunlop 756, or a Maxxis ST up front.

I use a 756 up front and a Maxxis IT on the rear. This combo works very well on most everything, except for really sloppy conditions (it doesn't work bad even then, but there are better tires for purely mud conditions)

I would switch to the 756 up front, see how that does, and if you're not happy than try playing with moving the fork tubes down.

Many other people, don't like the 739 up front, because it's known to wash out on everything but hardpack.

yep...this is an easy one.

1. Raise the forks to the first etched line (even with the top edge of the top clamp)

2. Set the sag to 98-100mm

3. Ditch the 739 tire

4. Don't read magazines.. :thumbsup:

I picked mine up last Thursday.Having only slid the forks up. I went to a small track that day that was hard pack mostly flat corners and noticed about the same push as my crf250 .Yesterday I went to a sandy track with real berms and killed it. This bike handles so much better than my crf 250 with suspension and engine mods. Using my buddy as a gage, we're close in skills, I kicked his ass all day... Thank you very much . I love this bike. setting the sag and putting starcross ms3's on by next weekend.

The word on the '06 YZ450 is that the bike is pretty sensitive to fairly minor adjustments, and a lot of guys find that the bars are a bit lower than they like. Having ridden one that was set up as Satch suggested, along with a higher bar bend, let me just say that the bike, set up that way, at least, does not push the front. It will if you crank it hard enough, but nothing like the steel framed models did, and when it pushes, it turns, too. Turns HARD in fact. It's totally controllable, and reminds me a great deal of the '04 & '05 CRF's I've ridden, except that it feels even better than that. The bike I rode turned in very willingly, perhaps requiring a little more deliberate effort than a CRF, but not much, and I could just "flick" it into a tight turn and expect it to bite. It's every bit as stable in mid-turn as the old YZF's were, but it's easier to change lines the the old ones, and under power on the way out, it was like it was going where I "thought" it, not just where I pointed it. The suspension is just unbelievably good. It was the most impressive ride I've had on any dirt bike I can remember since the first ESO speedway bike I rode. I almost wish I hadn't.

Go pick it up, pull the forks up 5mm, check the sag, and ask yourself what the hell all those guys were talking about.

about how far should the edge of the top of the fork be from the edge of the top triple clamp?

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