New Edelbrock on my 650L

Got a new (to me) 650L a couple of months ago. I was not all that impressed with the power. I had a uncorked '97 a few years ago and I remember it seamed to have more power.

Well, I took off the smog junk, added 14/48 T sprockets, E-Brothers exhaust, K&N filter/remove snorkel. Also got the Dynojet carb kit but never did put it in cause it seamed way overpriced, sent it back. Then ordered a Edelbrock carb from Barnums. Just got it on yesterday, and real easy even for a bonehead like me.

I absolutly cannot believe how this baby runs, I guess its a combination of all the mods. But you had better be hanging on!!!

I know they do, but I can't imagine how good a R must run!! I'd about be afraid to ride one wide open......

I'm all smiles!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup::eek::p:worthy::cool:

I'm all smiles!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup::eek::p:worthy::cool:

That's why we ride and why we mod our rides...

It's amazing how much better one of these things's can run,when they are allowed to breath.

Which specific edelbrock? Model number etc.

bump - still looking for info...

what did you do with the stock 650l buddy is looking for one for a streetbike build he is doing..he wanted to know if i knew anyone selling one..reach me by e-mail at thanks in avance.. later

I believe the model no was #3117. The only negative is: I also put on a Clarke 4.7 tank and now the adjusting screw knob is hard to get to....wish I hada bought the Clarke 4.0.

What's my stock carb worth?? Whatever I can get I suppose.............

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