Oil leaking from breather hose

Before you tell me to search..... I did and found nothing about the 06 YZ450F breather hose leaking. I rode today and about 2 hours after I rode I went out to do some maintenance on the bike and noticed oil on the ground from under the breather hose. Usaully the hose has some oil on it, but this time it leaked alot more than before. Has this happened to anybody else with an 06 YZ450F. :thumbsup:

How much are we talking about?

Pretty common, did you overfill or are you starting to let it scream? You arent talking enough to change the oil level are you?

I am also starting to ride it harder since it is broke in now.

My opinion is normal. :thumbsup: Wait, let me clear that up. My opinion is that the amount of oil that came from your breather is normal. The spot is only that big because you let the three drops that caused it sheet out before you wiped it up. A teaspoon of 10w-40 will spread out to near basket ball sized if you let it.

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