Need More Power for XR650R. What Mods Next?

Hey TT'ers,

I'm getting the BRP ('01 XR650R) ready for the riding season.

I love this bike, but I think I'll love it even more with a tad more power.

Here's what I've done so far to it...

* Un-Corked everything (Airbox, Carburetor Manifold, etc.)

* Edelbrock Carburetor (it's adjusted and jetted properly)

* Uni Air Filter with XR's Only Backfire Screen

* Drilled holes in airbox cover, installed Uni filter inserts

* Installed Yoshimura RS-3 Slip On Muffler

So, I'm thinking my next steps are to buy a HEADER that flows better, and install a Hotcams Stage I cam. :thumbsup:

I think those 2 next mods (HEADER & CAM) will make the bike RIP! :thumbsup:

What header would you recommend that will work with the Yosh?

(No, Yoshimura doesn't make a header for the XR650R) :bonk:

I hear the FMF "High-Flo" Header will fit and gives the bike some mid-top end boost.

Let me know what you think. Thanks...

Yup, I'm going the FMF Hi Flo route as well. Sweet looking header.

Ths larger diameter pipe will do a great job of boosing the top end

output.... I just don't want to lose any bottom end grunt thpugh.

Right On MudShark,

I think we'll loose just a little on the bottom with the FMF High-Flo, but I don't really care since I ride in the WIDE-OPEN Desert out here in Central Oregon.

I'm looking for more MID to HIGH RPM power and the new HEADER and CAM will definitely do the job.

I just want to make sure the FMF High-Flo is the way to go...

There is one other thing you can try. It's a small thing but they all add up.

Put a bead of grease around that new Uni filter and take off that XR backfire screen. The Uni filter should have a support built in that will enable it to stand alone. The XR backfire screen is really designed to operate with a stock type foam filter.

That little extra airflow will be beneficial in the end. Hope that helps.

A bottle of nitrous.


OK, but AFTER I install the TURBO! :thumbsup:

Also you might want to look into a pro-circuit header, I got one on my 01' 650r and it working awsome for me.

go for the hotcams stage 2, gives the bike more bottom torque :thumbsup:

Hey iestrada,

Cool idea, but I heard the Hotcams Stage II cam shortens valve train life! :bonk:

I don't want to go there. I want to maintain the rock-solid reliability, but just open up the engine's breathing to make a bit more power.

Looks like I'm going with the FMF High-Flo Header and the Hotcams Stage I cam. :thumbsup:

whats the difference between stage 1 and stage 2 hotcam-besides the honda HRC cam what other cams are available?

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