more displacement for YZ400F

I recently had a rod seize to the crank on my 99 YZ400. I have been looking for stroker kits for my bike but have been unsuccessful. A friend told me that a jug from a YZ426 will bolt up with no problems. I would like to get as much displacement as I can while I am torn down. If any one knows more info about stroker kits or big bore kits I would greatly appreciate it.

Since you have to replace the rod anyway, use the 426 rod. The wrist pin was larger than the one in the 400. Then you can use a 426 cylinder and piston. Now it's a 426.

Or use the 400 rod and get an oversize Wiseco and have your cylinder bored and replated. Then it will be a 420.

I did the 426 mod to my 400... Thats all the bigger i would go . unless you can use all of the power the bike has to offer what more do you need. I was perfectly happy with the 426 mod :thumbsup: also can still use oem parts. i dont know about you but that means more to me than a few extra cc's. personally i dont trust a lot of aftermarket internals. :bonk:

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