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Header pipe twisted up

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Hello again.

I read the posts about removing dents from stock header pipes. Has anyone used this method to untwist headers like mine? I skidded down a sandy rainwash (upright) and tucked the header up into the side of my motor. I wish that it didn't get so hot. Maybe it wouldn't bend so easy. Anyone using guards or aftermarket headers that route closer or higher away f/ the frame? I noticed that the new H**** 450 has tight routing of the header that keeps it more out of harms way. TIA

Fat Matt

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Sounds like you would be better off looking for a new header than trying to un-twist it.

Post a wanted ad for a 98 or 99 stock header. You could probably get one of those babies pretty cheap considering most people replaced them with a aftermarket header that dosent interfere w/ oil changes.


Darin in Missouri - My Hurricane 1999 WR400F

Enduro Heaven - Ozark Mountain TrailRiders

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