Next Bike after WR450?

I have enjoyed 3 years of desert riding on my WR450 and now want to get a new '06 MX 450 bike and shed the extra weight. I am struggling with all the great choices and can't decide between the YZF, KX and CRF. I may ride a little at the track, but will primarily be looking for a great desert bike that can handle technical areas, open desert areas (washes) and some hill climbing. The most important items to me are handling/steering, ease of starting, and reliability.

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

YZF! you are in the yamaha forum, you might not get any other responses different!

You already know what is required for maintenance, the other bikes maintenance are more than double, with a lot more $ involved. Besides, they don't look as good also!

Have you kicked over your 450? they are piss easy with the auto decomp.

I went from a WR to a YZ, best move I ever made. Man I love this thing. Kick starting is a breeze, one kick most times. Handleing is awesome. It feels very small and light. Power is endless. The one thing I miss most is a kickstand, I got so used to having one. A larger tank will be a must. I already put an exhuast on it, DR. D, with SA and quiet core. Anyone who had ridden a WR for any length of time will most likely love the feel of the 06 YZ. If it proves to be as dependable as my WR, I will be one happy camper. :bonk: You wont find me riding red or green. :thumbsup:

You wont find me riding red or green. :thumbsup:
Riding yellow! :bonk::thumbsup:

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