I'm back!

Hello fellow TT'rs, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm back from my hiatus and looking forward to reading all about the 06's, which I'm currently trying to convince my wife I need more than life itself (currently my plan is failing, if any of you have suggestions please PM me! :bonk: Flowers and a nice back rub have both failed... miserably.) It's good to still see some familiar names floating around here amongst all the new names. Anywho, it's good to be back as TT's self-proclaimed 426 guru (next to Hick, of course). Time to go do some digging on the 06's for ammo :thumbsup:

Cowboy, where have you been? ATM? and it was too far to get back? Good to see you!

Fastest1- no, I've just been plum busy! Between school, work, being a dad, medical emergencies etc. I've had a busy past few months, and it's not looking to get any less busy in the immediate future. Now the summer hiring rush is on, so I'm in the process of scouting out and applying for summer work with the US Forest Service, BLM, etc. all over the west... again. As if grad school wasn't enough by itself! :thumbsup:

Great to have you back ! the 06 is awesome.....do whatever it takes to convince her........ :thumbsup:

A new car works wonders. It worked well on my mom. It also worked well on my friends mom. His dad bought her a new Camry, and since then, they have added another 2 bikes to the stable. That brings the total to 9 bikes! But other than that, a gift certificate for a day at the spa, clothes, a date to a really nice restaurant, and in general be the most perfect husband you could possibly be. You know, stuff like telling her to go lie down while you do the dishes...

Good to see ya back Cowboy. I'd just about given you up for dead. BTW if you find out how to convice the wife please let us know what worked. :thumbsup:

yz for me- apparently you need to be sharing your secret with me- you've upgraded to an 03, so that's at least a start! I'm taking it slow, I want to ease her into the concept. I wonder how long I'd be on "the list" if I just showed up with the thing one day... "Honey, they gave me a GREAT deal! And I didn't even have to pay the setup fee! They also gave me discounts on the sparky, handguards, and all the other stuff that it "needed." They also gave me top dollar on the 'ol 426!!!" Haha, it's always nice to dream. I did, however, get to sit on one of the beauties the other day and man oh man was that nice... those babies are SLIM compared to the 'ol fat girl 426. The bars felt like they were higher than the stock setup on the 426 too. Yes, I even made the "vroom vroom" sounds, I'm not ashamed to admit it! :thumbsup:

Yea I'm pretty lucky. I was shocked my wife let me get the 450. I just explained how great a deal the '03 was and that I could sell my '01 for top dollar and would end up almost even in the upgrade. Well you can see by my sig how well that plan worked out. :eek: I just can't seem to find a good home for the old girl. Maybe I could take both of em down and trade in on a shiny new '06. :thumbsup: Man would I be in the doghouse then :bonk:. Although at least I'd be in the doghouse with a brand new ride. :thumbsup: Those wives. Why don't they see things like we do? :bonk:

Tell the wife that you have been working long enough and you feel you deserve a new Porsche, you know the 65,000 dollar one, and that with some minor cut backs in stuff like electricty and food you should be able to swing the payments. Push it for at least a couple minutes to a half hour or so then say, :thumbsup: OK I guess I could just settle for a new dirt bike and live with it.

Welcome Back Cowboy! I am in the same boat. Trying to work on the wife for an new 06 as well. I'm afraid it is going to cost me a new Mustang 1st. I am going to have to convince her that a new yellow Mustang convertible would look great pulling a new yellow 06 450 to the track? :thumbsup: Wonder if someone makes a Hurricane kit for a Mustang GT? :thumbsup:

Cowboy--I am in a similar situation with my wife. In these situations I have found an indeffensible position---safety! 'That old bike just isnt as safe as these new ones' :thumbsup: (I have used the same argument to obtain a 51" plasma tv---'that little 36" is so samll it hurts my eyes)


Hey, guys - hide the money from the ladies, then just buy the bike and tell them that I gave it to you as a gift. I'll back you up - I promise!!!!! :thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup:

probracing- that's the best idea I've heard yet, I may have to pull that trick out of the bag :thumbsup: hoz had a good idea too, but I don't think I could pull that one off. I did come up with a good idea myself that has a lot of potential of working- if I trade my 426 for a newer snowmobile for her, she won't be able to tell me I can't buy another bike! :bonk: And of course, I'd have to get the new one because then I won't have to worry about someone else having the bike setup wrong, I'll be starting with a clean slate that I can set up to my liking! :thumbsup:

Hey, at least it has a snowball's chance in hell, right? :bonk:


Just dosn't sound right :thumbsup:

I have 8 bikes in my garage and never once asked for permission. If you let them think they wear the pants , you'll be in a skirt soon. Don't let her have the power. Mention selling your old bike a couple of times, and then show up with a new one. Works for me and she'll know who's boss.

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