Smokes on starting

I have a 2001 WR426. The bike starts easily and runs perfect but emits white smoke for about 15 seconds when started cold. Smoke clears up and does not return until restarted cold. Help.

How cold is the weather where you are?

Do you have to top up the oil in the engine?

If it is really cold where you are it simply may be condensation and unburnt fuel because the engine is cold. Other than that, the bike may have a few miles on it by now and when it sits for a while and cools down the oil a small amount of oil may be leaking by worn valve stem seals. It takes very little oil sitting on top of the piston to give you a smokey exhaust on start up. If it is the oil the smoke will have a blueish tinge to it and smell a little.

If it is the first problem don't worry about it.

If it is the second problem no need to panic it just means you will have to replace the valve stem seals in the future some time.


When you start the bike,I'm sure you are using the choke.

More fuel more smoke. If it don't smell like oil don't worry about.

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