YZ 450 LE prices

Hi Everyone - Great Site, I love this place...good people too...

Anyway, looking at a '06 450 LE and was wondering what everyone was paying for them...wondering how much dealers are coming down on them? What has been your experience? Thanks so much!!

I'm in Pensacola Fla. I called every dealer for 200 + miles, one said they were not getting any more one said no more till march. I found two that were getting one soon. I finally found one 80 miles away for 6400 plus tax and had him agree to re-grease the steering stem and linkage with maxum grease. It may not be the best deal, But its not a Honda with bad valves... crf250r for sale . I think crf stands for ' can't run forlong'

Too much (7000), but worth every penny. :thumbsup:

I think crf stands for ' can't run forlong'

Now that's funny!!! :thumbsup:

Blue for $5999 out the door but had to grease my own bearings

$7025 OTD with a 752 front installed (TN also has a 9.75% sales tax!)

$6700.00 OTD, from my local dealer, didnt even shop around. Worth every damn penny.

LE 6249.00 out the door plus 395 shippin to FL.

Blue for 5895 assembled, that's it.............but I prefer to do my own set up and check it all over anyway.

Cost on these bikes is $5,900!!! How are you guys getting these things so cheap!!!! For a bike that is in very limited quantities I have to call BS on some of these prices!!! Not meaning to stir the pot but man if you guys are working these kind of deals I would hire you in a second to be in sales at my work!!


And I'm not calling bs on your bs,BUT all dealers do not pay the same!Thats why it's hard to get a average price across the board! One dealer in miss may not get the same prices as a high volume shop in a big city.I paid 6450.00 out the door for my le.Ive seen higher and Ive seen lower so I'm happy!

That is interesting...I thought Dealer Cost is the same for the same bike...incentives, rebates etc...do vary....

5900 and 6100 and some change...should be dealer cost on the blue and yellow

I have seen 5995-8000 range.....for all of them...crazy. I got a great deal on my yellow one...but it was a 1 time deal from a great dealer that I have bought 5 bikes from and wanted my return business... :thumbsup:

Geez those prices are great. Around my area its about 7300 OTD. damn california :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I payed 5800 otd on mine, but i bought a 250fLE and 450fLE on the same day, with cash, from the only dealer I've ever bought a bike from, so it's probably skewed just a hair,,,, i'm really happy though :-)

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