Changes to YZ 450 for smaller rider?

I currently race a 2005 YZ 125, with extremely modified suspension including 1.5 inch lowering front and rear and valving and spring rate for a 115 pound riider, a cut seat and a bunch of other mods that arent pertinant to this post.

I weight 115 pounds and am around 5'4. My step father has recently picked up a 2006 YZ 450 for himself so he can practice with me and maybe after a while MAY try a race or to. However he has offered to have the bike setup for me and allow me to race it, this is good as I amke the payments myself on my 125 and couldnt afford to get the YZ 250 I wanted.

The thing is the 450 is huge and has tons of power. What are some basics mods that are done to this bike. I have heard about the tires, was thinking Michelin Starcross which I run or maybe Dunlop 756 RRs. And moving the forks around is another mod I have heard was neccesary. Is the turning issue enough to justify a aftermarket triple clamp? I run the Applied top and bottom on my 125 (wish I had of spent the extra 100 to get the RG3).

Anything else?

He thinks a Rekluse clutch would be good so that in the event of a crash the bike will stay running with no need to restart. I have heard bad things about them and have never seen one actually being used in my area. What is the pros and cons of this setup?

Wow, 5'4 115lbs, and you are trying to ride a 450? I am 5'7 and I tippy toe it most of the time. I also weigh about 55 lbs more than you and most of the time the bike rides me, not the other way around. You may want to gear it longer so that the power is not as strong. Shaving the seat will definately be a must as will lowering the forks, but when you lower the forks you could run into headshake problems. 115lbs and on a 450? If you have any skill, you could seriously own.

Sounds like you should invest in a "gripper" seat. Your boney little ass won't stay on that thing!

Your best modification would be to lift weights and pack on a few pounds of muscle.

Please take my suggestions lightly, I mean no offense. :thumbsup:

You can also lower the sub frame or have someone lower it for you. I wouldn't go too far up with the forks you would probably have a bike that goes from super stable ( from what I have read ) to super sketchy in the whoops and braking bumps. They say its good to raise the forks up to the 1st line on them. Don't too much about the 2006's have not ridden one "yet" . I would definitely lower the seat foam. Good luck with this one

Man I really don't mean to burst your bubble or anything but the yz450 is a very powerful race-bike, it can hurt you much faster than a 125. These bikes are loved by heavier people because the power gain makes up for the extra weight to carry. Well all I'm trying to say is that I would almost pay to see a 115lb. rider ride a yz450 especially the new ones, not saying that it can't be done but you might want to pray to the bike gods before and after each ride!

P.S. the 125 is like a scooter compared to the 450.

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