Anybody have a stock pipe guard they don't need?

I recently acquired a 99 WR400, and the pipe guard on the header is kind of boogered up. Would one of you have one that you've taken off when you installed an aftermarket header pipe that you'd want rid of? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

i have a stock 02wr426 pipe with guard on it. Do a search and let me know if it will fit yours. Im sure it will. Let me know where you want it shipped, etc.


The search I did provided results that would imply it will fit. Can I e-mail you directly and we can talk about how much you want for it and such? Thanks so much for your reply. -Jerry


Did I just read that you finally got a real bike??? :thumbsup::bonk::thumbsup:

When are we going riding. I have the guard that I took off of my 02 as well if you would want that. I can actually give it to Steve to bring to you if you would like.

i have a stock 400ex heat shield


Good to hear from you buddy! Yeah, I finally came over from the dark side. That KX just wanted to be ridden harder than this fat old guy wanted to ride it. This WR is sooo clean for a 99. I'm very excited about it. It has a baja designs DS kit on it too, so I'm ready for some BDS events. If it weren't for having my daughter on Wednesdays, I'd be at all of the meetings. If you don't need that guard, I'd gladly pay you for it. If you want to send it with Steve, that would be awesome.

Hey, shoot me an e-mail I think I lost your contact info. Have a great day buddy!

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