Hot Cams exhaust cam

My starter doesn't want to turn the engine over now( 05 WR450). Any other guys with this issue? I want my electric starter and the hotter cam. I might have to get a YZ cam.

Do a search on all forums with hot cams & starting. You will find people with issues starting. I dont want to flame them since some people have their products and are very satisfied. You be the judge. :thumbsup:

Yeah, this seems to be a common problem...........

YZ cam doesn't seem to have this problem on the WR's.

Im running the YZ cam without a problem but a buddy ended up exchanging the cam button for the decompression from the WR exhaust cam to the YZ and that seemed to help him out both bikes are 03's with YZ exhaust cams so it may not help you, but maybe worth a try. Possibly the stock cam button is slightly larger, and it made a small difference, not sure, either way it cured his starter problem. hope this helps. good luck. :thumbsup:

I put a YZ cam in my 03 WR450 and the bike would no longer start with the e-button, but would start with one kick every time...

It should be noted that my 03 WR450 was never really a good starter with the e-button even with a WR cam. (in comparision to my DRZ400) It always seemed to take several revelutions of the motor before it would fire up...but, it has always kick started well.

I opted to dump the starter, battery and other related components in the interest of saving weight. It kick starts well enough, that I don't miss the button...

I would advise contacting Hotcams ( he is a user here on TT) and talking to him directly about this problem. I have been very happy with their customer support in my troubles with the Hotcam Install. Very helpful, and he is also very quick to respond. Hope this helps.


The Hot Cams wr450 exhaust cam has a longer decompression pin than the Hot Cams Yz cam. If you want to use the electric start you need part #4044-1e. It is excactly the same as #4022-1e except for a slightly longer decompression pin.

I tried the Hotcams in my 05 wr450. It wouldn't start with the E starter. And was a bear to start with the kick starter. I called Hotcams and even sent them the new cam back. Still wouldn't start with their cam. :thumbsup:

I ordered a set of Yamaha YZ cams and the sucker fired right up. :thumbsup:

I'm a ASE certified Master Mechanic and from what I can see the Hotcam decompression pin is way too short. Less than half the length of the stock wr or yz camshafts. It would barely touch the valve bucket. The stock cam pushed the bucket down considerably.

I can't see how they expect it to let enough compression off to allow that wimpy starter to turn it over. I even thought about taking the stock pin out of my old wr cam, but opted to just buy the stock yz cams. Worked much better and a whole lot less agravation dealing with the hotcam no start issue. Maybe they'll figure out there is a problem.

I think it just goes to show how hard it is to copy the Yamaha auto decomp design. I am sure that Hot Cams were great for the bikes with the manual decomp levers we had on the older WRs but these new ones need to have eveyrthing just right for starting. Great experience here on TT. :thumbsup: Thanks to everyone posting their experience. :thumbsup:

I have Hot cams Intake and exhaust and it fired on the second kick on a complete rebuild. It starts 2 to 3 kicks EVERY time. I dont know why some have such a hard time? Maybe I just got lucky!!!

It "kick" starts fine, but won't turn over with the starter.

My didnt start on the E button either.. Measured the decomp button, and it is around half way out compared to the stock cam..

and mine are the 4044-1E..

Ditto!!! Same problem here. I talked to the tech at hotcams and he gave me no help. I know what is the problem just as you. The darn pin is too short.

I ended up buying a set of OEM YZ cams on thumpertalk OEM store.

Fires right up with the electric start. I'm not for sure what the duration and lift difference is with the WR verses the YZ camshafts, but runs really good.

I'd say until Hotcams gets this figured out, don't waste the money for them.

I also had the 4401-1E camshaft. They way I look at it, Hotcams Dropped the ball on me. If they can send me a camshaft that will work with my electric starter and I'll gladly put it in. As it is they cost me about $300 which is what I was out screwing with their cams. And still ended up having to buy OEM cams for $200. Not good customer service in my opinion.

Would anyone be willing to take some measurements of both the stock cam pins and the hotcam pins? I have had a good experience with the customer service, but these posts are making me nervous again. I am working with a WR426 so the e-start is not a problem for me, but I have already sent one cam back to them because it was causing a kick back problem that I had never seen with the stock manual decomp cam. Measurements would be nice before I put this new cam in my bike. I already have about 2 months on this cam install, and I haven't gone anywhere with it other than I now have a new set of rings, base gasket, head gasket, and clean valves. Thanks,


well, this alters my desision. i have a 2000 wr400 and was ready to buy a auto decompresion cam and hear problems with hotcams and thought i would just buy the stock 03 yz cam. nope,it will fit and work for a while, but it will wear out the chain at a rapid pace [said the oem dealer].so what the heck,trade an inconvenience for a problem?if there is a safe cam to install,LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL BUY IT!

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