Radiator Guard or Brace?

Which one is better for protection? Radiator Guard is rectangular shape install in front of the radiator, radiator brace is triangular shape install behind the radiator. Anybody installed one of them but still damage the radiator?

Unabiker is the best design for strength and protection! You can buy them from out TT store. :thumbsup:



On the first picture, did you leave the plastic off for the picture or will it no longer fit?

everything fits back, you just have to bolt the shroud to the brace at the lower mounting point.

radiator guard and brace in one?..very nice. I'll be getting some of those for my bike here soon!

I Think Unibiker Has The Best . I Am Using Works Braces With No Problems Mainly Due To Economy However I Also Ride In Pretty Muddy And Clay Filled Conditions And The Front Guards Can Get Clogged And Lead To Overheating.

Unabikers. So sweet. Plus you can get them in colors. Cool factor is as high as the protection factor. :thumbsup:

I can tell ya that they work. I ran up on a tree during a race. It hit just inside the shroud, ripping it off to the radiator and tearing the graphics off that whole side. The rad never moved.

Until you buy a pair of Unabiker's and bolt them on you wont believe how much protection they provide and yet weigh very little. Awesome design! :thumbsup:

They are great. Just read the directions, and they fit perfectly.

Anybody ever use the DeVol Engineering Rad guards or heard good or bad things about them?

I am a fan of the flatlandracing ones myself

I have Devols, have tested them a bit and like them. The Unibikers ae very nice and look like they would probably be a bit more strudy.

Hi Kirkw,

Thanks for the info. I can get my hands on the Devol rad guards for $10, so if they are even somewhat decent, I can't go wrong with the price.


Bill, For $10 you can not go wrong! They certainly do offer a good deal of protection. Might not be as sexy, but I woudl rather save the $$ anyday :thumbsup:

Darn, I wish I had heard about the unabikers a couple hours ago. I just ordered a set of Devols. I had the Zip Ty braces on last weekend, when I did a low speed drop on a rock and bent up my radiator pretty bad.

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