New Exhaust!!!

Wow, I just went riding this last weekend after installing a FMF TI 4 slip on exhaust. It is a totally new bike!! I can't believe how much better it runs. I have done all the free mods and added the jetting kit but the exhaust has been the biggest boost in performance so far. If you still have your stock exhaust on I highly recommend putting on an aftermarket exhaust.

Amen to that brother!

A new slip-on muffler definately provides the biggest boost in power for sure!

I would like to see some pics of the pipe on your bike, care to help me out?

I nearly got the full 4.1 carbon system, just wanted to see what I missed out on..........

When you guys say slip on, does that mean you leave the header pipe and replace the rear portion?

Yeah, I just took off the rear canister and mid pipe and installed the new FMF canister and FMF mid pipe. Very easy to do and cost about $300.

Braz, have you removed the AIS? If not, have you experianced any backfire on decel? AIS removal kit is on backorder from TT store. I can't wait to get mine so this backfire goes away. Other than that my 06 wr450f is a rocket!!

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