Hi guys,thanks for all your help.One small Question,my bikes is a wr400 2000 model,I go off road half the time and the other half on road,the gearing at the moment is 15T front 50T rear, I’m thinking of going for a 15T front and 44T rear would that be a bad idea as I like my off road.So that you know the whole picture my bike isn’t exactly standard,FMF exhaust,power bomb,FMF ignition,high compression pistion,416cc and the air box lid removed.Any help always appreciated.Also could someone tell me what is this "greywire" that people know off???

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put grey wire in the 'search' and see what you get.

15 x44T is way too high for the dirt for it to be useful. you'll have a torrid time omn the corners and on the flat out straights you may even get into third gear. wow!!!

try 15 x 47T or at the tops 46 if you value street riding.

why not try something completely different like;

13 x 46T for the dirt

15 x 46T for the road.

get your chain length just right, learn how many turns in and out tighten/loosen the chain etc and you're away!


i would like to change my gearing also. can any of you gearheads tell me what gearing i would use to totally eliminate 1st gear and make it like 2nd gear is now? basically i never use first and always start out in second. i know if i get first the exact same as second is now then the rest of the gearing will be all out of whack won't it? what i would like instead of 12345 is 23456, make sense? let me know what you think. thanks.

to find out how many teeth off the rear a tooth on the front is worth all you do is divide the front into the back.

it's easy;14 into 50= about 3.5 so if you really want to gear up; go from 14 to 15 front. trying 15 x 50 is about the same as trying 14 x 47.

i did it once (15 x 50). i never left second gear here in englands tight woods and mud.

it's the pratting about with chains and sprockets that gets you in thew end. basically your chain is only good for about 2 teeth on the rear, after that links have to be added or taken away and it's a real headache.

front sprockets are cheap and easy to play with.


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