price question?

Recently decided to sell my 2000 XR 600.Plan on buying a smaller bike to go riding with my kids and wife.Not real sure what a good asking price is for it is though.The bike is in good shape,and runs great.Thought you guys could give me some idea what there going for.

list it at about 2500........depending on condition, post some pictures and well give u a better idea.

wrf is pretty close imo...ive seen your year go from about 2600.00 - 3500.00 depending on the condition of the bike....might want to do a search on cycle trader just to give you an idea also..and ebay

Thanks guys!I was planning on asking $1800,but mabye I should rethink that a little.I'll try to post some pics as soon as I can.

Street legal or non-street legal? If it's titled, it's generally worth a little more.

Good luck!

just to give you a ball park, i got my 1998 650L for 2000.......its got about $1500 in mods and she is cherry!!

2000 might be the going rate in Michigan WRF...but out here in CA we would say you got one heck of a deal....nice job....

It's off road only.Never got around to converting it.Have a guy coming to look at it this weekend.If he takes it,I found a 2004 yz250f for $2500

2000 might be the going rate in Michigan WRF...but out here in CA we would say you got one heck of a deal....nice job....

thanks.....i really strive for rock bottom prices and screwing sellers outta every penny they could get haha. but seriously, the reason i did buy it was because it was such an awesome deal.

he originally listed it for 3000 then lowered it to 2500 after a couple weeks (cycletrader). His many faulty on the add was a horrible did her no justice. so i decided to take a little looksie now that it was in my price range. i was just astonished (but being the tight wad i am, i kept all excitement contained) In fact, i acted pretty uninterested.....just took it for a little spin, maybe a minute....i knew she was the one. so i left shortly after....telling him i would call after i slept on it a night. called like 3 days later and asked if he would let me take it to a dealer and have them inspect it.....he actually let me do it. so i her in the f150 a day or so later and hauled her off to the honda shop.....they looked her over and said there were no major problems they could see right off. so i called the guy and i offered 2000. He told me he was going to talk it over with his wife.....he called back 3 minutes later and asked when i wanted to get the title and pay for her. everything worked out quite well and im still the proud owner of a 1998 xr650l.

I really only got it as a transition from dirt to street, i signed up for a motorcycle training class today and it will begin in may....soon as i get my endorsement, i wont want to ride in the dirt any more. ill prolly keep her till next spring then get a street bike.

I drove one hell of a hard bargain (and im 16) so 2000 should be about rock bottom for what he should sell at.

ps. there not worth quite as much here in michigan because you can only ride about 7 months out of the year.

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