pro's/con's o4yzf450

Recently saw a new leftover o4yzf450 at a dealership. Excellent price $4100.00. What are the pro's/con's of this year? Seems like most dealers are wanting close to retail for the 06. $2000.00 plus can buy alot of add-ons.

The 2003 Yz 450f......had the most "hit", i.e. the powerband was extremely strong, and was called "uncontrollable" or "violent" by a number of MX'ers.

For 2004, the Powerband was muzzled somewhat by changing the ignition curve, and I think, but I'm not positive, that the flywheel mass was increased, to make the bike more manageable. It also got better forks by going to 48mm, compared to the 2003 46mm forks, and the 2004 also received Titanium footpegs compared to 2003 Steel ones.

The 2005 model was toned down even more than the 2004 model, as far as the "hit", and in fact some even stated that the 2005 model was toned down too much. I believe the suspension was improved over the 2004 model also.

I have had my 2004 Yz 450f since about Late April 2005. I have had zero problems with the bike, riding about 70% off trail/30% MX track. The bike is extremely reliable, has a very strong powerband, and has a number of aftermarket parts available for it.


1) Extremely reliable (probably the best valvetrain out there)

2) Very strong powerband

3) relatively easy to get to maintenance items (air filter, etc.)

4) It's a Yamaha


1) The stock 2003, 2004, and 2005 will not generally turn as well as the comparable Honda's, Suzuki, Kawasaki's, tending to push more than the other in turns.

2) The 2003 through 2005 models tend to have a "top heavy" feel to them, due to the frame layout, mass centralization

Supposedly, by using an aftermarket linkage like the "Stormlink" or using different offset triple-clamps, you can reduce this top-heavy/poorer turning idiosyncrancy....I just installed a "Stormlink" Saturday, but I haven't ridden the bike yet, so I can't comment on it's effectiveness.

The 2006 is THE bike to get, since the Engineers basically corrected the shortcomings of the 2003-2005 models. I haven't ridden one yet, but everyone seems to say the 2006 is the culmination of all the best qualities of the 2003-2005 without the negatives.

If you got the money, than I'd go with a 2006, but if you don't want to spend that much, I'd go with the 2004 or 2005 model.

If you've the money lay it down on an '06, I've a '04 YZ450 and love the her. Strong motor, great straight line tracking, cornering could be better, and the '04 KYB forks while better than the 46MM. They lack compared to '02 and newer Showas or '05 and newer KYB's. I revalved mine--liked the changes, just don't ride a newer model YZ, CRF or RMZ, i can't speak for the KX-F.

I came off of an 04 to an 06. Sure the '06 is better I think, but the '04 was a good bike. If the money savings is worth it for you, the '04 is rock solid.

Pros: customizable to your needs, awsome power delivery and suspension

Cons: small fuel tank for non-mxers plus it guzzles gas, little top-heavy feelingness

I have the 03' yz450. If you set your suspension correctly, you gain alot in handling. I rode a friends 03' CRF450, his corners better but doesnt have the wheelie-inducing hit that I like. The 04' has to be better than mine so I definitely recommend it!

Say you get the 04 thats top heavy and spend the time and money trying to dial it in. You're left with an 04 with close to 5000 in it when you could have the most amazing bike ever right off the show room and run it.

I was in the same position as you until I rode an 06 450. If you can swing it..Get the 06 . You will not be sorry.

The '04 is arguably the best of the steel framed YZ450's out of the box, although the '05 fork really is very nice when set up correctly.

When you're buying a new '04 for $4100, consider the following:

1) It's brand new :thumbsup:, and you don't have to worry much about where it's been, how well it was maintained, or how many hours until it need $omething expen$ive.

2) It's stone stock :bonk: It's a really good bike in stock form, but you're going to need a chain upgrade immediately, as well as a pair of handlebars. When I bought my '03, it came with a $900 clutch, a $800 exhaust system, $600 worth of suspension, a $90 flywheel, and a set of Renthals for the same kind of money that stockers were being offered for. You can get that kind of a deal on a used '04 these days pretty easily if you look for it. It just depends on what you value.

Recently saw a new leftover o4yzf450 at a dealership. Excellent price $4100.00. What are the pro's/con's of this year? Seems like most dealers are wanting close to retail for the 06. $2000.00 plus can buy alot of add-ons.

You better buy it for that price.Cons?What Cons? :thumbsup:


I owned a 2001 yz426f, 2003 yz450f, and now I have a 2004 yz450f. Very good bike to me. If you buy it you should definitely get a heavier fly wheel weight. I rode my 03 for a year without it then put one on BIG DIFFERENCE!! Unless you are in the expert class put one on. I ride in the 250B class and do fairly well, I ride much faster and more consistent with it on the bike. NO need for power upgrades, but may be mods to help with the power delivery. This bike has more power then you could ever use. I pulled a hole shot in every race that I entered in ( at least 1 moto per race ). 3rd gear starts short shift to 4th & bye bye. The 2003 wasn't that much different with the power delivery, just the 2004 has much better suspension. Also I would change out top clamp for a rubber mounted adjustable one. You can make this bike work for you really good if you are trying to save a buck$ I lowered the sub-frame, had the suspension valved for me, seat is slightly lowered, TOO TECH sub tank for forks, GYTR clutch kit, quick shot accel. pump cover. Bike rips !! and handles very well. Good luck !

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