What to do when freind crashes your bike?

I have a friend that I snowmobiled with. He never rode dirt bikes so I tried to convert him to dirt bikes by letting him ride my XR650R while I was on my 525. He did pretty good but eventually he bit it hard and hurt himself and the bike. Bent radiator but not leaking, bent handlebars, twisted forks. I told him to forget it since I knew it could happen when I put him on it. He would have paid for it but I was the one trying to convert him from snowmobiles to dirt bikes. We are still good friends but he has no desire to ride dirt bikes.

I guess I could have put him on my KX500 :thumbsup:

I didn't have the KDX220 at the time.

No question.

Make him pay.


Well i know how you feel ,i let a friend try my rm 250 and he flipped the bike right over broke the back fender and tore off the exhaust!

he wanted to pay for it all but i accepted half the new pipe cost. the shitty part was it happened 30 minutes into riding ....needless to say the day was over

cheers rob

I've learned my lesson about letting friends ride my bikes. Years ago I had a brand new Yamaha RD 400 Daytona, let a friend ride it and he totaled it. He paid for all of the parts and I put it back together and we remained friends.......I think your friend should at least pay for the parts.

Have him buy you a 12 pack and drink it with him :thumbsup::thumbsup:

If you seriously dont mind footing the repair costs, this is the best advice here.

Ok, I am just going to make him get me some new bars, and 30 pack of beer to drink while we fix her up. The plastic is really horrible looking as we were in the desert when he wrecked. I talking about big deep gouges in every thing. I will just buy me a new set of plastic for the street and swap in the crappy stuff for the rocks. He is a really good Friend and he is going to buy my 650L so he doesn't have to worry about borrowing a dirt bike anymore.

if I had wrecked your bike, I would feel terrible until I had restored it to 100% of what it was when I got on it ... not letting me pay would be upsetting ... let him pay fully, and keep your friend .. :thumbsup:

Agreed! :thumbsup:

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