Value of my 2000 WR 400?

I'm thinking about selling my 2000 WR 400. Any ideas on a price? I looked at KBB and N.A.D.A. but I don't know how reliable they are. Which do the dealers usually use? Anyone interested in it?

Extras: FMF Powercore IV / Stock pipe with Yamaha GYT-R insert

Bark Busters / Seal Savers / Generic brand Pro-Taper style bars / Brake snake

Mods:YZ timing / Gray wire / BK mod / YZ throttle stop


Plastic - good with normal scuffs and wear - Graffics intact

Frame & swingarm - good with normal wear and chips

Fork seals & oil - good

Shock oil and seal head - new

Chain and sprockets - junk

Brake pads - new

Suspension linkage - good with some slop in the shock bushing

Front tire good - rear tire fair Wheel bearings good

Normal wear in the various levers and pedals (None are bent)

Piston and rings - still seems good but could probably be freshened up

Normal wear and tear - scuffs on plastic & corrosion on bare aluminum

New oil change and filters

In california it would probley go for 2000 maybe even 3000 if it was plated and registered. Just a guess. I payed 3000 for my 99 last year street legal. Hope that helps if you were local Id buy it sorry...

I just bought an '02-paid $2700. Bike was like new, looked like he only rode it on gravel roads. Original tires-front like new, rear slightly worn. Not even uncorked yet. While shopping I found a '99 that was used but not abused and had him down to $1900 before I found the '02 and bought that. I looked at several others but they had been ridden hard and never maintained so I walked away from them, I live in the midwest. It all comes down to what you can get in your area. If you ebay it, check to see what they have sold for recently. I sold a 98 wr400 a few years ago to a guy from SF CA and shipped it to him. I think I got $3k for it but I included shipping. If you offer shipping and get it plated there seems to be a market for 98-01 in CA because of the DMV regs.

Interested in selling the GYT-R insert seperately?

Thanks for the responses. No thanks Rooster. I'm not even really sure that I want to sell the bike itself yet. I was thinking about doing some occasional SM stuff and I thought a 450 WR or YZ might be a better choice. I have to decide whether or not an extra 50 cc's, lighter weight and a better seating position is worth the likely $3k plus I will have to spend for a newer bike...

Of course, any opinions from those of you who have traded up is appreciated...

I've only ridden a WR 450 once and aside from the better seating position I really didn't think it was that much of an improvement to justify the cost. Besides I would rather have a kicker WR450 than electric start due to the extra 20 or so pounds. Can it be converted?

I sold my 99' here in WA state last month for $2,350. It was well ridden and well maintained with lots of bolt on goodies.

I thought my 400 always had better low end than my 450 :thumbsup:

There is a starter removel kit, I think. Someone here should be able to tell you.

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