Has anyone bothered to charge their battery?

I have been wondering, seeing as the CRF-X's come with a battery charger.

I know that they are compensating for something :thumbsup:........

I go for fairly long rides (limited only by fuel tank :p:eek::thumbsup:), often very high speed, so that might mean mine is always topped up.

I have got about 3,500kms on the clock now, I have never charged it! :bonk:

You have year round riding, lucky bastard. I've got mine on a battery tender right now since the snow has been flying for a couple of months...SC

Mine stays on a Battery Tender whenever I am not riding. :thumbsup:

I've never had to charge the battery, bought new July, '03. Still has original battery...

never charged the battery in my 400 once, not ever.

Am thinking of upgrading to titanium knee and hip though.

Battery Tender here too. Although, I try to ride every few weeks too, just to keep my joints from locking up. :thumbsup:

Had mine new since April 2003. Never charged the battery. And, had it parked without riding for 2 periods exceeding 7 months. Thought for sure I would have to charge it, but nope :thumbsup:

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