Checked valve clearances again today, WOOHOO!

Checked my valve clearances again today, on both the WR250F and WR450F.

Both bikes are at about 3,500kms (2,200 miles).

Guess what, they still haven't really moved since break in!

:bonk: Man I love these blue bikes!

Everything looks brand new up top too, plenty of oil up there as well!

For any of you who haven't checked them yet, It only took me about an hour to do both bikes, and I was taking it easy. It is very simple to do. :thumbsup:

1000 miles here on my 2004 WR450 and haven't done a valve check. Still runs good and strong

Ya, I checked mine at 1800 miles after a initial adjustment at 500.

There all GOOD! :thumbsup:

G'day Matty,

Good to hear about the valves. I have now done 1000km on my 04 and figure I might give them a check.

At how many k's did you first check yours? Do you flog your engine hard? ie hit the limiter?


I checked them after break in at about 500kms or so.

I check them every 1000kms or so, but not religously. I just use it as a chance to clean everything up anyway. This is the third time I have checked them, they haven't really moved at all on both bikes.

Piss easy to do, just take off the tank when you wash your bike next so everything is clean up top. Follow the manual, the only hard part really is getting TDC on the compression stroke (very piss easy, but hardest thing!). You don't have to drop your oil to do it either.

Don't be too worried when you check them, as long as you can get the smaller value under and not the larger one, you are laughing. Getting an exact number is a good way to keep track of if they move, but I don't think you could get the cams in the exact same position twice.

It is easier to do if you bend the ends of the feeler guages up so they are curved. Don't worry about thinking if you are pushing the valve spring down when you check them, you won't.

Yes, my 450 cops a flogging, that's what I brought it for! Roosting my mates (eating rocks too!) on their YZ450's is the order of the day. I don't really bounce off the limiter, most of my power is in the low to mid, where all the torque is. The limiter is just an ignition cut so you won't do any damage, that is what it is there for.

It gets held flat for ages on the high speed runs along the main dirt track that most of the little tracks come off to go to a few waterholes and rivers around here. Better to be in front, as you know!

The 250 gets looked after, because it is my missus bike. She is getting better though, she can smoke a few of the guys I ride with, but they are getting old!

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