Need advice please rims for wr450

I need some advise on some new rims please.I took a big hit today (way to fast into a wash out) bent both rims .Do i replace with original or go aftermarket?.If aftermarket what brand do you think will be stronger ect.And where to buy them from.Thanking you Ian.100_6194.jpg.100_6196.jpg


Get Excel rim, those are also original in Yamaha

Timo Mc

You can get those rolled out, if you haven't cracked them.

Those SM pro ones are $180 here in Australia, made in England, all colours, they are one of the best available. Excels are way way more expensive. The DID rims are great too, they are easier to fix.

Get new rims. The old ones are going to weaken if you get them repaired. D.I.D. are the strongest and yes, Excel's are expensive if you are looking to get colored rims. But they are fairly price for chrome.

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