digital speedo for XR 600?

Any advice on using a digital speedo for a XR 600? I want to replace the standard speedo because the cable is in the way for the oil cooler I mounted. And the standard thing is big and heavy anyway. Saw a "Trailtech Endurance Computer Kit" advertised at Is it any good?

yeah they are pretty good I have one mounted and it works great, the only issue I have is the backlight doesnt stay on long enough. (only a problem at night though, but other than that is not in the way or bothers any other items, great product!

I will buy your old speedo from you if you want to sell it? give ya $100

Is your old speedo the computer one that came on the 80's 600's?

I had a trail tech too... it was ok, but It didn't survive a little crash I had, even with the billet aluminium mount from BD! But I just recently saw this one on the net. It costs twice as much as a trail tech.... but I think it is well worth the $$$ It has constant backlight, and ....RPM!!! and a lot more check it out here... :thumbsup:

Doesn't the service honda model use the speedo cable?

try ICO racing, dual sport computer, speedo, odo and top speed, waterproof and very durable

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