exhaust tape

Has anyone used exhaust tape on their headpipe? Is it worth the time and effort?

wrapping the header with tape holds the temperature in the exahust gases, resulting in more efficient scavenging ... also, keeps the heat away from your legs, etc ... whether or not you could actually 'feel' the power increase is debatable ... some posts in here have said that it caused the pipe itself to 'rot', falling apart when tape was removed ... I dunno :thumbsup: ... I think the best way to go is to find a source for 'porcelainizing' your pipe, inside and out ... :bonk:

That's right roadcam. I had my header and can ceramic coated. Works better IMO. Do not have the inside done on the canister, just external. Header can be done both...looks trick too...


I use the tape and the biggest difference I notice is less heat on the legs/body on hot days. Some side benefits: I've had a very bad experience falling and a naked pipe was sitting on my leg, very bad, muscle damaging burn, the tape insulates and I think you'd burn but not that bad so it's a safety feature.

I also understand the hotter exhaust gas exits the pipe quicker........but I've not noticed any power gain.

Finally anything I can do to reduce engine/oil temps is good so I think the extreme heat given off by the header pipe (very close to the frame oil and engine) is reduced so the engine/oil temps are maybe not as high.

I also like the look so if that's all it helps so be it.

Decay of the header may be a problem with higher temps but I understand that the mix of moisture is the real problem. So if I'm in wet conditions I'll let the engine run a while to dry it off.

My 2 cents

I am sold on exhaust tape. I have read many great reviews on it, one claiming it dropped his oil temp by 30deg on his xr250. I imagine that it would be more noticable on larger displacements. The heat against your leg is considerably less, so it can't be radiating much back to the motor. As far as performance, you just have to tell yourself it works, otherwise you won't notice the difference. Good theory, though. The only downside is that it will rust out your header a lot faster. I always run my bike after it's washed to hopefully dry it out. But if you have the $$$, I would also ceramic coat your system. They should compliment each other well.

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