2000 XL650 Died, buddy bummed

Hi everybody. My buddy's 2000 XL650L died on his way home

and he is all bummed out, :bonk: Expecting the worst.

Bike has 20,500 miles, regular maintenance, valves, & oil.

Stock except for jetting kit and K&N filter.

He started bike, let it warm up, rode 5 miles and it just quit.

Will not restart. Guessing to check the basics, spark plug,

fuel to the carb, valves??? Any other ideas? :thumbsup: Thanks.

After checking the obvious as you mentioned, maybe the CDI unit. Verify that you have spark first. If not start looking upstream of the plug. If ya do, maybe you have a timing chain issue. Due a valve check regardless.

Oh and make sure he didn't just thumb the "off" switch or accidently disconnect the kickstand switch.

your friend shouldn't be bummed ... he's just suffering a rare, temporary setback .. the "mechanical failure" of an XR650L ...it won't happen often .. :thumbsup:

Boy, is he taking this bad. I hope this works.

Thanks a bunch guys. How much is a CDI?

Will take him your advise and try to get that

BRP running.

if there was no clanging and bangin, it's probably an electrical glitch. There are lockouts involving the side stand switch, clutch lever, a diode or two and the kill switch. I'd try a new plug and see if there's spark first, and drain the carb too (in case of water) just to make sure there's lots of fuel.

He got the plug out and no spark. Will look for

any loose ground connections. Said he will pick

up a new spark plug. If nothing obvious, I think

we need a shop manual. He has a multimeter, but

not sure what to check where. Dose anyone have

suggestions? I think we need to check ohms on

the charging system, but where and what readings

are we looking for? Is there any wiring or related

charging info on the internet? I am going over

after work, maybe an extra set of eye will help.

Thanks for all the help.

To bypass all the lockouts:

Remove the 2 leads going to the clutch lever.

Connect them both to ground.

This bypasses neutral switch, kickstand switch, clutch switch.


If is always starts ok and runs a while: Check electrical, spark, CDI. There are specs for "reading" the CDI in the shop manual, if you have one.

I'd say it's not a air/fuel problem because usually you just sputter, hesitate, etc. you don't just die.

I've had to replace a starter button that would fail at random intervals, but you say it always starts and runs about the same length of time.

Please let us know, you don't hear much of this sort of thing with this "simple" (yet eligant) machine.

any way he blew a fuse? worth a shot....

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