Buy a 250F or a 450F?

i own both an 06 250f and 450f. ergonomics wise, the 250f is a little more tight than the 450f, but neither have a "large" cockpit by any means. i am 6'1", 195 lbs, and lowered pegs made the 450f just right.

feel/handling--both bikes feel roughly the same on the dirt or in the air--advantage goes to the 450f in the turning dept...its point and go with no second thoughts...i cannot feel a significant weight advantage to either one...

power--no brainer. if you like to bounce the bike of the rev limiter, the 250f will get you wherever you want to go. if you would prefer to throw the bike in third gear, feather the cluth occasionaly, and have power on tap to make up for any/all of your mistakes, then the 450f is the right answer.

the 450f gets much more of my seat time than the 250f...its just to easy!

I agree with having to ride a 250f alot harder to keep up with a 450. All my friends are on 450's and all though they are better riders than I'am, I find that I 'm always riding in the high rpm range and shifting alot just to try and keep up. I'am seriously thinking about the 450 myself. I can't decide on a WR or a YZ. (trail and desert riding)

The 06 450F is a totally, completely, absolutely different machine from 05 and back. I sold my 04 250F a couple months ago in order to buy the new 450F. First day was today, and it is everything I have hoped for. It handles better and feels lighter than my 04 250F. The power is beyond comparison, even though my 250F was the hottest thing around. Go out and buy yourself the best damn MX bike ever made. Yamaha has them!

Thanks, I think I'm done with the WR as all the work you have to do to them to make them run right. $$"Been there modded that"$$

The 450 FEELS much heavier than the 250. If you plan on doing more hill climbing and trail riding than hitting the track all the time I'd say for sure the 450F! If you dream of getting into racing I'd say go with the 250F. I had the 250 last year and it felt soo much lighter than my current 450. Handling and control of the 250 is much much easier. I am 150 LBS 5'11.

I still love my 450 but it will still be a few weeks before I can tame her!

If you want to hit a big scarry jump on a 125 you have to work your ass off-a 250f you work a little bit -a 450 it doesn't even matter,its just too easy

I just got my 06 YZ450LE this week and rode it for the first time yesterday. I must say I had a smile on my face the whole day. The 06 is nearly and I mean nearly as light feeling as my 06 KX250F. And the power advantage on the 450 is not even funny! I absolutely love this bike. Cornering on a tight supercross track was just as easy as the 250F. EastBayThumper is comparing an 05 YZ450F which was a heavier top heavy feeling bike. The 06 is night and day better according to every magazine out there. Go with the 450!

you will get bord with a 250f

Well here is the way I look at it

If you have big furry coconuts, get the 450.

If you have little pea size marbles, get the 250F


Damn, dude - that's funny!!!

but true!

There is no comparison. I own the 04 and the 06 450. The 06 is just a more advanced, better handling and much easier to ride bike.

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