Will a WR450 make a good XC bike?

I'm new to bikes. I bought mine with no intention to race. I guess I'm going to. I'd like to hear from someone who races a WR on this. What are a few good things to do to the bike as far as set-up. I don't mean the " free mods ". I don't think the "western" guys are going to be much help. I live and will be racing in and around Kentucky. Mid South and GNCC guys would be the most help. I'll have questions about what you write. Give me something to ask about. Thanks Travis Wiles

Dial in your suspension for your race conditions

Steering Stabilzer with Fat Bars and handguards

Rear Brake Disk Protection

Heavy Duty Tubes F&R

Maybe a 3.2 gal tank?

Race Ready!

Dial in your suspension for your race conditionsQUOTE]

That will take a while. I can set up the nicest atv shocks in 10 minutes. Are the bike forks similar with the adjustments: comp, rebound....?

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