Wanted Stock Xr650l Carb

:thumbsup: fellow tters. my buddy is looking for a stock xr650l carb for a street bike build he is working on. does anyone have one to sell. :bonk: please reach me by e-mail so i can get him the message at damato@nac.net :bonk: thanks in advance :thumbsup: later

I have the old carb from my 2001 XR650L, It comes with all cablles, including the choke lever cable and plunger assembly. :thumbsup:

Daves mods were performed on it and this baby was rocking on my XR650L, untill the ups man showed up with ededbrock pumper. That pumper really makes a big dirrerence in off the throttle response. :bonk:

So I am happy with the pumper now, allthough I did loose 10 mpg buy going to the pumper :bonk:

So yes it available and ready to roll. :thumbsup:

I would like to get about 150 USD for te carb system complete. I am in south florida. pm me if you are interested, LATER :eek: ,

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