opinion on price for 98-99 YZ400F

About a year ago a good friend of mine bought a 98 or 99 YZ 400. He is hurting for cash and wants to sell it now. He rarely rode it anyway. I was with him when he purchased the bike and the seller told him that he recently had the motor rebuilt. I don't know if that was just the bottom end, or the top end as well. My friend told me that it seemed like it was getting more powerful after about 10 hrs or so. He paid $2200 for the bike, and I would like to give him back what he paid for it.

The bike has way too many mods for me to list, but most of them are things I would do to any bike, making it a better deal.

some of the mods:

Black powder coated frame and swingarm

Black excell wheels

Black top triple clamp


carbon fiber airbox and other things (not to important to me but it looks cool)

Pro-Motion billet kickstand (I would buy one)

Race-Tech suspension set up for a 200lbs rider (I weigh 200lbs)


full exhaust (I would buy exhaust)

Aftermarket hot-start

As I said, $2200 the bike runs great, and starts first kick, cold or hot. I have actually not had to use the hot-start in my experiences with the bike (playriding).

Thanks for the input.

Well,it's a 8 year old bike,but having said that if it is as nice as you make it out to be it's not a bad deal.All of those aftermarket parts don't do much for the resale,but they are nice to have.Offer less and see what happens! :thumbsup:

I just bought a 98 YZ400F and paid $1400 but........ I have had to do a complete top end rebuild before I could even ride it the timing chain was stretched so far that it started to show signs of wear on the crank gear witch can be a costly repair. If the bike has not been raced is in good shape and the proper maintenance has been done I would say it is worth at least $2000 maybe a little more. Make sure the engine is not making any abnormal noises hot or cold. :thumbsup:

I paid 26 for mine. Its a 1999. The guy wanted 29, but I talked him down.

I think it depends alot on your location, and of course the shape of the bike. It is an 8 year old bike, and it wont hold up racing against the new 450s. I paid 2700 for mine and it is honestly the nicest, cleanest used toy Ive ever bought. Ive heard some guys scoring these for alot less.

I just sold my 99 YZF 400 in December on EBAY for $2200. The bike was in excellent condition and I tossed in some of the extra's I had purchased along the way. Look around and you'll see them from $1500-$2500. I regret selling mine.

So, today I finally bought a YZF! :ride: I think I got a pretty sweet deal on it. It is a 2001 with a hurricane kit. The guy said I could ride it, but it was not starting. Supposedly it was running before he put it in storage 7 months ago. It doesn't build as much compression as it is supposed to. Its hard, but I can kick through the stroke without the decompression lever. I figure either piston rings or bad valves, any input?

Oh yea, I paid $800.

If you get really lucky maybe you can get by with just shimming!How ever being that the bike is that old it probably needs a rebuild!I just did my kids 04 and it NEEDED it! The good thing is even if you spend a grand on it you are still close to whats it's worth in good shape! Take your time and go over everything closely,You have not lived till you go through a catastrophic failure on a 4 stroke!!

I paid $1500 for mine.

And it had only 25-30 total hours on it.

It still starts first kick. Even if I stall it. :ride:

I just sold my yz400f 1998 with a bunch of stuff on it for 1500.

2200 is way to much.

u got ripped off o my god i just sold one for 1500

u got ripped off o my god i just sold one for 1500

And I just bought a 2001 for $800, read the whole post. And $2000-$2200 is stilll worth it for the other bike, fresh motor/clean bike. My bike = tired motor/ugly bike. :ride:

In Phoenix, AZ these bikes are going for $3,000+! Location makes a huge difference

I bought mine last year for $2300. It didn't have any upgrades, but the motor was strong with low hours on it. The guy never raced it. I have friends that have been riding for quite some time, with new rides, that are enamored with my bike!!

Like someone said earlier, it all depends on where you live and what condition the bike is in.

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