XR628 - Mikuni Flat slide (non pumper) v Kehin FCR

what carby would be better?

The FCR costs about $1200 all up

The mikuni flat slide non pumper is about $440

Can anyone describe the differences each of these carbs makes to the XR628?

I am leaning toward the mikuni as it has good reports plus lot cheaper and seems more sorted for my application.

What are the real differences in power between the FCR and the mikuni flat slide non pumper?

You should be able to pick up an FCR for quite a bit less than $1200, especially if you can find a used one. They only run about $600 USD here for the whole kit.

EDIT: Thought you had an XR650R...the XR600 kit runs a little over $500.

whats a better carb for the buck?

is the FCR that much better than the mikuni flat slide non pumper?

I've heard the FCR makes the XR chew the fuel?

XRs only sells the mikuni flat slide for 230.00 With some of there magic done to it.

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