yzf 426 in black

has anyone ever did their bike with all black plastic, I am thinking of going black with the 06 race graphics from fx. how do you think this would look? like to see some pics if someone already has done this

I had a kind of similar idea. I'm assuming you're talking about the Evo 2 kit. I was going to get that and put on a black back fender, side panels, and lower fork guards. I wouldn't go all black. Doesn't look to good in my opinion. I think black and blue in a pretty even amount is a nice contrast. Gives it kind of a fade with those graphics.

I had a black kawasaki a few years ago, it looked good until it got a few scratches on it. If I where going to change the color of my YZ, it would be white.

black looks sweet. It holds up well I thought. I just amour all it after a wash. I will try to post a pic of my blacked out WR.


I have a 2004 yz450f in all black plastics except the lower fork guards. Looks really good but I have motoXXX graphics with seat cover. The graphics have some red and blue in them. I have red race wheels with red tag handle bars. Looks good but scratches will show in time. When I get done washing the bike I use a little Honda polish on the plastics if going to a race the next day so they hold there shine and hides any scratches. When they get dirty while you ride you won't see any scratches so nothing to really care about.

yeah, I like it too. Bood black and blue!

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