1987 XL600!! Need Help!!!!!!!

I just got a 1987 XL600 and i was trying to get it started, but it would'nt so i checked if it was getting spark but its not. When i kick start it the headlight does go on a little and then goes off if that means anything. what do you reccomend trying to do or change! Thanks i really need your help!

Check the wiring connections to the CDI and coil under the gas tank.

Also, check your plug boot and wire. I was working on a friends 88' CR250 and the plug boot was barely connected to the plug wire. The boot would pull straight off the wire with almost no force. Also, plug wires can get burned-up at the junction of the boot and wire. Sometimes trimming the plug wire back a bit can restore the connection on a burned-up wire.

I had a problem with the plug on the CDI on my 86 XL..I am not sure if it was the male ends on the harness or the female end on the box or a combination of the 2 but it would loose connection and the bike would shut off or refuse to crank until I wiggled the plug and got connection back...I ran a zip tie around the box and plug to keep it from moving and that pretty much solved the problem....Also try to get someone to check the pickup coil..The wire comming out of the case on the right side to ensure that it isn't going bad...

How could i check the pick up coil?

You will need an ohm meter...Pull the plug. It only has 2 wires, then kick the motor over and see if you get any sort of a pulse....

the reasone the light is coming on is the light is hooked up to the altinator so when you kick it generates enough current to light it for a second....also check your ignition switch(when you turn the key it comleplets the circuit).

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