IMS 3.4 Tank tricks?

I got a great deal on a used IMS 3.4 gallon tank for an 05 and it hangs down close to the head pipe. What is the best way to run the fuel line and any other tricks you have learned on it's use? Does the tank allow enough air flow for the radiators to cool enough at lower speeds? The petcock looks like a trouble spot as it hangs out at the tank bottom, any trouble with brush or roost hitting it? I cant ride for a couple of months yet with my bum knee, so any information you guys have will help me get the bike ready.


Ive had my IMS tank for a while now and love it. I almost got a different tank after reading all the posts here about which tank is the best, but went with the IMS. I figured, since almost every major off road racer has one on there race bike, it should be good enough for a trail rider like myself.

I chose to just cap off the right side of the tank and not mess with the chance of having any problems with the pipe being to close and burning through the fuel line. It has worked great so far. The splash over from corners seems to do a very good job of getting the gas to the left side. I have done many rides over 90 miles and not had a fuel problem.

And if it came to it, I wouldent mind hopping off and leaning the bike over if I needed to.

I ride in the NW in tight wet conditions and have had no overheating problems.

One thing a few people had problems with was the tank rubbing on the head. I solved this by putting a few spacers between the frame and the tank. It pushes the tank away from the head and gives it lots of room.

Hope this helps


Dave, Cool web site. :thumbsup:

Thanks Dave, I have heard about the rubbing on the head problem, I have clearance now. I will check on the clearance after a ride or two and can add spacers. The cross over hose problem with heat I have solved by putting on a sleeve kit I bought from NAPA. Two heat sleeves for $17.00 good for up to 1200 degrees and both are over 6 inches long. I can cover all of the hose if needed, plus they have stainless steel braiding so they look good too! I was worried about the hose burning, I can go like you and just take it off.

The IMS instructions suggest that you rout the connector line up and over the carburetor manifold in between the carb. and the head. I like your heat shield idea, and will try that on my WR450. :thumbsup:

I`ve been using the same tank for almost one year in my '05WR450. I use the stock hose that came with the tank and the pipe connectors as well. I use an asbestos layer around the hose and had no problem at all. Connect both sides of the tank otherwise you will have to lay the bike sideways to get the gas in the right side. Not a good idea ! I've run some enduros and even a big rally (thru the hottest part of the country, wide open - almost - with no heat problem. No boiling in high speeds for long time, no boiling in trails, either. Just fun and lots of gas to ride more than 140 miles - open roads, mild speed. In trails I do 40 mpg. 175 - 52 - YZ timing - stock muffler w/o tight end. :thumbsup:

Enduro 10 you get better MPG's than I ever have! I had went as low as 18mpg and on my last ride after tuning I am up to 24mpg. The bike really ran well at 18mpg's but I was out of gas at 43 miles, flat empty! So I went to a bigger tank and am trying jetting as per James Dean instructions for more mileage and good power. Right now I am just working on the bike so when my knee heals I am good to go!

I've burned the fuel line on my IMS tank. Luckily the gas didn't ignite. I wrap my fuel line with a heat shield and just zip-tie it on. I've done a bunch of desert races and three 350-500 mile trips in Baja and I've had no problems. My brother just bought a tank for his kids WR250 and IMS has eliminated the petcock/ crossover from the right side of the tank. Hmmmmm, wonder if some people lit their bikes on fire?

Forgot to say: I use a 15 tooth front sprocket and stock rear.

I use a home made Power Now, both sides the carburetor.

Our gasoline contents 27% sugar cane alcohol and is 93 octanes.

Removed the AIR system. Air filter and box, stock. Other than that, stock.

I guess we all think the header pipe and fuel line could cause trouble. Better safe than sorry in this case as the extra protection I hope is never needed! I have the NAPA part number for the spark plug boot insulating sleeve # 727508

It has 2 each 6 inch long sleeves that reflects and dissapates heat, works to 1200 degrees is non flammable and non reactive with petroleum products. They look good too!

Thanks for the part # I've melted my line. the only time i over heat is when I'm riding with my kids or in a tight canyon with no airflow. But the recovery system on the "06" works perfect.

I also have the IMS on my 04 WR 450. Before I put the tank on I applied metalic duct tape (not the cloth type) to the undersides of the tank, especially the part on the right side that sits above the header.

I used the fuel lines that IMS supplied but I ran them through flame retardant sleeves that I got from a hose supply house. I followed the instructions on how to run the lines. And it works perfect. No boiled gas, the right side drains down to the last drop, (without having to stop and lean the bike over). And it feels like the stock tank. I've only run out of gas once since I got the tank. That was in Baja right after I put it on and I still didn't know what the range was. Luckily I was only half a mile from a gas station.

I am liking the idea of just plugging the holes where the elbows screw in.

I have the '05 and it does not have a second petcock, but it does have two threaded holes for aluminum elbows.

Couple of things I've noticed....

1 - The petcock side of the tank does not "draw" the clutch side of the tank down any lower than the top of the crossover hose.

2 - The petcock side of the tank does not empty below the level of the bowl.

Of the reasons for eliminating the crossover hose, my #1 reason is not mentioned so far...

You can't remove the tank to change the plug (or check the valves, or work on the carb) without completely draining it since the crossover hose has to come off!

Is there room to install a petcock on the pipe side? The hose problem with a tank full of gas is a drain the tank issue. Good thing these WR's need little care!

Two problems with that. Yes, it is tight and installing a petcock could be a problem. You could use a plumbing ball valve and put it inline, but....

It will require two. The left side ALSO has an elbow threaded into the tank... the left side no longer tee's into the fuel line between the petcock and the carb. Since they eliminated the right side petcock, running that line to a "t" would still flow fuel to the carb even with the petcock shut off.

Now... if you put a ball valve on the right, then you could plug the left and tee the crossover hose into the main line, BUT, you would lose the benefit of the fuel filter sock on the petcock... any crap in the bottom of the right side of the tank would go directly to the carb, and I don't know if there's room for a fuel filter in there WITH a ball valve (hell, I'm not even sure a 3/8" ball valve will fit!)

The one forgiving thing is, if you have a buddy to help, and the job is going to be something quick like changing a plug, there's enough slack in the crossover line (if you routed it properly over the intake manifold) for your buddy to hold the tank high enough to allow access to the engine.

Keep in mind though, that 25 pounds of fuel gets heavy really quick, so I'd plan my plug changes BEFORE fueling up for the day's ride (never after the ride on a hot engine).

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