14/52 '05 WR450F what chain?

My kids bought me a 52-tooth rear for my '05 WR450F. I tried to make it fit with the stock chain but no luck. The Yamaha dealer told me I should not lengthen the chain by adding another link plus a second master link - he said the bike has two much power and I'm likely to run into problems on the trail.

So, if you're running a 14/52, what length chain are you using? Any particular brand you would recommend? How much should I expect to pay?

Thanks for any advice as well....

I am not sure what length of chain, but heres what I did to accomidate different sprocket sizes. I got the GYT-R axle blocks, the ones that are different lengths on each end. I just got a chain I had to size myself. Then I set my chain fairly tight on the longest setting, then I had room to flip the axle blocks to tighten the chain to the smaller sprockets. Hope maybe that will help some. Good luck.

I run 14/52 on my 04 wr450 with the standard 114 link chain. I'll admit that the tyre is very close (10mm)to the black plastic guard near the shock, but I have had no problems with it rubbing anywhere. I don't know if the swingarm dimensions on the 04 are different to the 05 model, but maybe have another look at using the standard length chain. Failing that you could use a 116 link chain, but I don't know if you would still have sufficient adjustment if you then chose to run 14/50.

Hopefully someone else on this forum will be able to provide more info.

116 links is better for 14/52! :thumbsup:


What chain do you run?

How do you like the KTM compared to the WR?

The OEM x-ring chain (DID 520VM) is one of the best, if not the best chain on the market.

Just get a 120 link chain and size it to what you want. Running two master links is like an unwritten law, but the rivet links are the strongest if you do. There is nothing wrong in doing so, just keep an eye on it as the master links dont last as long as the chain. Saying that, you should see 1000's of miles out of it though.

Thanks all, I really appreciate it.

AUS_WR450: My stock chain won't fit. My '05 looks like it has some type of black plastic piece on the axle slides that stops me from moving my tire all the way forward. I'm guessing it is there for a good reason and I don't want to cut it and let the axle slide farther forward.

I'm going to follow the advice on the DID520 since I can get a 120 o-ring for $63.00.


What chain do you run?

How do you like the KTM compared to the WR?

I run the Regina ORN chain precut to length from Rocky Mountain! :thumbsup:

I am faster on my KTM in everything but nasty rocky trails or slow gnarly border line trials type riding. You just cant beat the BBP (WR490) blasting thru beach ball sized rocks or in Moab! :thumbsup:


When you came South last year did you ride any of the tight SETRA single track trails such as Perry Mountain. If so were you on the KTM or WR? Which in your opinion is better for Southeastern single track, or would you go lighter?

I never got to Perry Mountain. I like CMRA & Westpoint single track. But I have heard it can get tight with vines as well as trees down in your neck of the woods. I would get a KTM 400EXC super tight woods if you are around 200lbs. The bottom end power delivery on the 2005 I rode was almost electric. It had a lot less hit at the bottom compared to the 450EXC. If you are a racer and want a light bike try a KTM 200 XC-W. I highly recommend you try one if you can before you spend big bucks on anything you are not familar with. :thumbsup:

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