Reliability/Longevity of My '06 WR 450

This is my first Yamaha and so far I can't say enough good things about the bike. My question is what is the reliability and longevity of the WR 450? I'm very good about oil and filter changes and keeping the air filter clean and overall maintenance. The bike is trail ridden only and so far the bike seems very reliable except for a leaking left fork seal. How long should this thing last before it needs a rebuild?

The 5-valve engine is the industry standard and is notoriously reliable. Make sure you check the valve clearances around 300-500 miles. You should be able to go thousands of miles after the initial check. As for your fork seal, you may just have a piece of crap stuck under it causing the leak. Go to the tech section of the forums and look for the article that addresses the easy fix for this...SC

except for a leaking left fork seal.

You can clean the dirt out with a thin bit of something, after you have pulled the dust cover down, but don't push the crap into the fork.

Fix it, if it is like a tiny rock stuck in there, you can gouge the fork leg. It might be a good time to service your forks with some fresh oil, you might have air in the damper of the one with the leak. This is BAD.

Do a search, I am sure this has been covered a million times, and I am sure someone has documented how to do it with pics!

Try a piece of film, or film negative, to clear out the fork seal.

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