I need help on oil change info!!..

I didnt want to post this becaues the info is probabaly on here somewhere.. but i cant find anything... i have a 1998 WR400 and i need to know how many *ounces* of oil i will need to put into it for a full oil change.. any info will help.. thanks Wayne..

1.7 quarts (or 1.7 bottles of yamalube, 10w 50w) total with the filter changed and both drain plugs pulled. One mounted under the skid plate twords the back and the other right behind the bottom tip of the front fender (This one draines the oil holding tank). 1.7 quarts is your answer but dont forget about the front plug and watch out when you pull it. Its going to run all over everything and the oil rerouting plastic kit is absolutly no help save your money and do it the traditional way.... Heat the motor up for 5 minutes or so before you do the change, it will help!!! Good luck...

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