Starter on 650L


Question about starter on 93' 650L.

The bike turns over good and starts if I jump the battery, but will only turn very slow, and selenoid? clicks if not jumped. Battery is new and charged, reads 12v, terminals are clean. Any ideas? are these starters pretty tough? I don't find much info on starter kits or rebuilds, etc. Does the selenoid go out? Anything else to check? How else to check the battery? Any info would help, this is my 1st project bike since I was little.

Thanks, TL

you might do a good battery test, under load ... its not unheard of to have a new battery with one bad cell ... not quite enough to do the job by itself, but will start with a jump .. ?? .. a fully charged battery will read about 13.4 volts ... 12v is considered half-discharged ... ( according to the battery books, not me )

Sounds like it's still the battery,but i'm sure you could clean up the brushes and give it a try.

You could also try taking the starter out of the engine and crank it without load using a freshly charged battery.If still you got a problem then you can blame the starter.Good luck. :thumbsup:

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