Stock exhaust question....

Taking the end cap off and looking inside it appears to be a straight shot right through the can, with only the huge spark arrestor in the way. Is there something inbetween the header pipe & silencer, in that flanged area right before the silencer that I can't see, internal baffle or something? Just curious. I have read all the exhaust posts in the archives. Just seems like there should be an easy way to slip a different core in there and add some packing perhaps? Just thinking. I thought if nothing else that spark arrestor could be cut down by half and get rid of the solid end piece.

Never mind. I got a flashlight and probed around in there, I see the baffles back in there.

Has anyone tried drilling these out (like the DRZ guys do?)

Probably grasping at straws...might as well just get the e-series if it's gonna be this loud.


Some guys go with the vortip, although I dont think the difference is that great. It is kind of loud, but you should see the 2 smokes scrambling to get out of the way!

I have drilled the sh** out of my stock baffle, but only use it when Im putting around the neighborhood.


People just don't fuss with the stock anchor too much. They are just WAAAY to heavy to consider a permanent addition to the bike, so folks investment in personal R&D with it isn't much!

With YZ timing, the shape of this pipe is off by a longshot-performance will not be nearly the same as if using a stock YZ pipe.

The baffles are there to help increase backpressure slightly for good low end performance. Take those away and so does your low end.

Sooo...if I keep the WR timing so I want a different pipe?

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