1993 Xr650l

I understand the 93 XR650L has some slight differences from the rest of the years. One of the differences is the rear suspension which causes the seat height to be higher. Some have said the shock was reworked and others have said the linkage was changed. I looked at the fiche at ronayers. There are 4 different shocks lited for the 93-2000 XRL. But nothing that shows a linkage change. Is it possible to just change shocks? Or is there something else going on here? Why four different shock? Are there any other significant changes to the 93 I should be aware of? Some have said they had a different rear wheel but I really don't find anything to support that. I'm thinking about buying a 93 but was wondering if it would be better to look for a newer one.



Hmm, you coul;d try the parts finder on www.bikebandit.com as well.


Dave -

Do you happen to know someone who has OEM parts like that at a better price? I saw the part I needed but its a bit high....

93 had a different rake on the forks and I believe a 17 inch rr wheel. Battery mount was the only major rework I know of for later years models. some zerks were eliminated on the links, forks had drain screws on earlier models and case bolts were changed in there somewhere as well. smog stuff was added in 97 too :thumbsup:

According to the parts fiche at www.ronayers.com. There is only ones size rear wheel. There are 6 different frames used from 93-00 so I'm not sure what they changed or when they changed. I wonder if the change in fork rake was due to the change in the rear suspension lowering the back of the bike. Does anyone have a link to specifications for the 93 xr650l? Maybe an old test or something that includes it.



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