Superbrace and fork boots

I just installed a SuperBrace fork brace. It relocates the bottom of the fork boots a few inches higher up on the lower fork legs. Now my boots are too long and all scrunched up.

Who else has a Superbrace and what kind of fork tube protection are you using? I'd love to ditch the boots and get a stiff plastic shield type guard. What about those neoprene covers?


I'm using the neoprene protectors. I took one, which is way too long and cut it in half, using one half on each fork leg. I used the stock lower boot clamps to clamp them above the brace. They have worked great for 10 years or so. You do have to clean them out every once in a while but you need to do that with the stock boots as well, and these are easier to work with.

mine are scrunched up, too ... doesn't bother me enough to fiddle with them .. will look for a shorter version, or trim them, when I eventually replace these ... :thumbsup:

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