Quick Ride review 06 450

Had an opportunity to take my bike out to the local track(Elsinore) last Sat. I am coming off some serious injuries from New Years, but even with 7 healing ribs and dislocated collar bone, I was able to push this bike pretty quickly. I love it! I didn't experience the push everyone is talking about, but the track is packed pretty hard. I was actually able to hit every line i was doing on my 04rm250(great bike too for sale only $3200 cash to someone local) Quick plug (: My only complaint is with the chain, that thing is junk, stretched like no other bike I have been on. Had to adjust it twice through out the day. Suspension was phenominal, gears are super wide 2nd and 3rd all day. Just so easy to ride! Add me to the fan club :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing your opinion...............that's the sort of input many of us 4 stroke newbies are looking for. Get a new chain.............got it on my list.

Did you have starting issues, or backfires? How did it feel in the air and off jumps?

every bike is going to need the chain adjusted after the chain get broken in, it call forces the lossen up the chain!!!

but congrats man!!!

hey, when you put a new chain on a new bike, are you changing the sprockets as well?

I always do them all at the same time, but never put a chain right away on a new bike. Just wondering. thanks.

I would change out the chain now...and use the stock sprockets if you like the gearing.

I would change out the chain now...and use the stock sprockets if you like the gearing.

2nd that!

congrats on the bike! I love mine too!

And try to stay on it, broken bones suck :thumbsup:

Have to agree the bike is incredible in every aspect hands down . Good job to yamaha. It want wear you out, you can ride till the tanks empty everytime. Smooth power and susp plus zero vibration keep the fatigue down. I did read about the push and also read to lower the triple clamps 5mm to the line mark on the tubes so I did before I rode it and havn't noticed it as a problem. Of course the bike gives you so much confidence you can hit turns way fast maybe thats some of it. Huh..Maybe the dunlop has something to do w/it but I doubt it they say thats a good tire. I always run the s12's but I'm a woods rider first. I can't say enough about it ,its awesome.

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