X-Ring Chain clearance on a YZf

Anyone know first hand if an x-ring chain will fit on a 2000 YZ426f ? I've been told it won't due to case clearance behind the front sprocket. The x-rings seem to add only a fraction of width to the chain, but I would like to know before I take it apart so if it doesn't, I can return the one I got and get a regular works chain. Thanks, Brian.

I ran an RK X-Ring on my 2001 with no clearance issues.

it will fit fine. Been running an x-ring on my 01' since the stock chain fell apart (same as the 00' in the countershaft area I believe). I believe there is a concern for clearance on the CRF's, but the YZFs have plenty of room.

Thanks for the quick replies, it comes apart this weekend.

RK XW-ring on both 426 and 450 no problem.

According to the DID web site both the 520 x ring and O ring chain have the same plate thickness 2.0 mm and the same pin length 20.20 mm and roller diameter 10.22 mm I dont know why the factory chain comes non o, or x ring. but i know that mine lasted about a month before i had to replace it. Factory Chains suck.......

I dont think you should have any clearance issues.

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